Jorge Luengo, The Best Magician in the World

Jorge Luengo’s interest in the world of magic began at the age of 4 when he received his first magic set.  A little later, a relative taught him his first steps as an illusionist. Having never attended a magic school, Jorge relied on his creativity and imagination to develop his craft.  His professional career started when he was 15 years old, performing his first magical feats in theaters. By the age of 18, Jorge was considered a consummate professional.  While developing his act, Jorge attended the Polytechnic School of the University of Extremadura (Escuela Politécnica de la Universidad de Extremadura), where he graduated with a degree in three fields of engineering.  In 2006, guided by the famous Spanish singer-songwriter Joaquin Sabina, Jorge created the spectacle titled “Con buena letra… y un poco de magia” («With good music… and a bit of magic»).  During the same year, Jorge’s magical act was recognized outside of Spain. Sponsored by his attendance at the Congreso Mágico Nacional Francés (French National Congress of Magic), an event organized by the Fédération Française des Artistes Prestidigitateurs (FFAP), Jorge received his  “First National Prize” for his work in magic.  Two years later, in 2008, he was awarded with “First Place” in the Nacional de Magia Español, acknowledging him as a rising talent in the world of magic.  In 2009, he participated in the Mundial de Magia in China where he won “First Place for Invention” from the International Federation of Magic Societies (FISM).  In 2010, he received the “Prize for Talent” from the European Commission in Brussels.

For a brief sample of Jorge´s magic and talent, click here.

If want to add a little creativity and originality to your event with the magic and talents of the Grand Mage Jorge Luengo, please contact us in advance by email at, or call us directly at (00) (1) 201 858 0743.

Copyright Dr. Sara Estrella Gil Ramos & Carlos Osegueda (2013). Photos by Rubén Gil- Ramos (2012). All rights reserved.

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