Recognition of Credentials for Foreign Studies in the US

The problem facing US-bound immigrants today with accomplished academic backgrounds is finding a decent job and economic remuneration that is in accordance with their accomplishments/experience. Our purpose is to not only aid professionals in validating their academic studies in this country, but we also aid in finding a job or employment that is in accordance with their accomplishments, aptitude, and capacity.

Unlike other countries, such as Spain for example, there is no government agency or entity in the United States that authorizes or validates degrees or studying abroad. This labor is usually accomplished by the student’s university or, in cases of validations, by independent accreditation and certification agencies. The work that is done in these agencies consists of translating the student’s academic records to U.S. standards, thus creating a report that is recognized by academic institutions, companies, employment agencies, and statewide professional colleges.  In the case of the latter institutions, it is required to have previously obtained a degree in your profession from your country of origin.

These are a few of the principal agencies that accredit foreign academic backgrounds, validated by NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services):

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