Notary Services

IBEREX Consulting International’s Notary Services.

Our New Jersey office offers notary services for the convenience of our clients. Our Notary Public services are provided in both English and Spanish. Please note that a “notary” in the United States is not the same as a notary in a country under a civil law system, where a notary is a lawyer or judge. A notary in New Jersey is not authorized to council, give legal advice, or interpret the law in New Jersey unless the notary is also licensed in New Jersey as a lawyer.

Notary Services

Our notary services are available for any individual (Independent of a client’s nationality) who possesses documentation destined for use in the United States. It is sometimes necessary to solicit an Apostille and Authentication of Certificates when a document is needed for use in a foreign country, and it is required that the notarized or official certification be authenticated. Generally, one needs a different apostille or authentication for each notarized document. A document that has the apostille or seal of the Hague Convention would have international validity if the country in which the document is presented in has signed the Convention. The Hague Convention treaty was signed in 1961, simplifying the process in which public documents are certified internationally.

We legalize the following documents in our office, by means of an appointment:

  • Authentication of state issued documents in the United States.
  • Authentication of documents issued in a Spanish-speaking country.
  • Translating documents in Spanish or American English.
  • Authentication of academic credentials.
  • Sworn statements.
  • Granting power of attorney (general and special).
  • Public wills and testaments (closed or open).
  • Revocation of granted powers.
  • Repudiation of inheritance.
  • Authorizing temporary legal guardianship for minors.

We strongly advise our clients to obtain appointments with an adequate amount of time for their own preparation. We can only grant a few emergency appointments, so please have everything ready before your appointment date.

On the day of your appointment, please bring with you:

  • The documents that will be legalized.
  • An ID document issued by a government (E.g.: driver’s license, a valid passport, non-driver ID, a passport card). If the photo on your document is over five years old, you will also have to bring a document with a recent photo.
  • The ID document should include your name as written on the document you wish to legalize, as well as your actual signature.
  • If the document you wish to legalize requires witnesses, please bring witnesses with you. The officials and employees cannot act as witnesses.

For availability and prices, please contact us by email at, or call us directly at 201-858-0743.

Thank you for your trust in us!

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